Jinx takes an incredible journey, and changes the world forever!


JINX THE BLACK CAT is not your average storybook. It is over 150 fully illustrated pages… written in rhyme!
The illustrations have been designed and directed to feel like still-images from an animated film!


"Your book is epic! It's awesome. Such a beautiful story. Your artwork is fantastic. The camera and composition is inspired. Thanks so much for sharing it with me!"
Kris Pearn - Director of "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2"

"The illustrations are so beautiful. So many of the backgrounds are just breathtaking. I absolutely loved all of the illustrations featuring Jinx and the geese. They made me want to fly! It's a really cute, heart warming story! It takes a lot of heart and depth to produce something like this!"
Sheila Dinsmore - Award-winning Screenwriter of over 45 different Children's Television Series…
Including: "Caillou", "Handy-Manny", "The Cat in the Hat", "Super Why!" and "Nina's World".

"This story is gorgeous all around, congratulations! I loved it! Would recommend it to anyone. That little cat just stole my heart."
Samantha R. - Jinx Fan Club Member

"It is so beautiful! It was almost overwhelming, seeing all the work and love that you put into it. It was so emotional seeing little Jinx having such a huge adventure; it is very special."
Diane G. - Jinx Fan Club Member

"It is adorable! The cheery rhyming scheme flows nicely, and the artwork is gorgeous! Jinx's cute facial expressions, and mannerisms, the various characters, and the backgrounds! they blew me away completely. The lighting, colours, small details, patterns, and the reflections in the water! This was better than I could ever hope for! One of those stories children, and adults can all get into, learn from, and cherish for years!"
Tasha R. - Jinx Fan Club Member

THE STORY: (No Spoilers)... Jinx lives with his dear friend Zoë… a good little witch who takes good care of Jinx, and loves him very much. Jinx isn't a pet; he's her best friend. Jinx cannot speak… but, he understands and tries to communicate the way a cat would. He sometimes thinks to himself within the words of the story.

On Halloween night, Jinx proves he's still too clumsy to go out for their first flight on a magic broom… so, Zoë leaves him at home to keep him safe. But, what happens next is an adventure Jinx never expected!

Later that night, he's accidently taken out the window on Zoë's spare broom, and goes off on an incredible journey! Zoë returns to an empty house… and searches endlessly for Jinx. She never gives up hope that she'll see him again.

Jinx misses Zoë very much, but he knows he is lost and doesn't know his way home. Jinx meets a nice old lady on his travels. She helps keep him safe, and gives him a place to stay. One night Jinx helps return the kindness he's been given in a very big way! A way that changes the world forever, and makes a very important wish come true!

ABOUT THE BOOK: "Jinx the Black Cat" is a perfect storybook to read as a family. Written for Adults to Enjoy… and safe and fun for Children to enjoy just as much! Turn off the television for an hour or two and enjoy the artwork and rhyming story at your own pace. You become the Narrator on this magical journey! The illustrations will immerse you in the story, and convey the action and the emotion of every moment.

The story also breaks up nicely into Three Parts of 40-50 pages, with 2-6 lines of text per page... for those who wish to read it as a bedtime story over 3 nights.

You are purchasing this e-book directly from the Artist and Author! Your support will help fund future storybook printing costs, promotional costs, and merchandise of the characters. The storybook is currently available as a digital e-book to reach a world-wide audience. If it finds a big enough audience, it may become a printed book some day.

PAYMENT is made through a secure Paypal(™) payment, and then the file can be downloaded through the Paypal Authorized Download Service. An email will be sent immediately after payment, with a link to download the file! The e-book is compatible with Computers, Tablets and Smartphones! It works very well in the "ibooks" app on apple devices!

PARENTS - This storybook is completely safe and fun for children. There are no scary scenes or harsh words. The story is fun, emotional and joyful.

It has good examples of kindness, good manners, believing in your dreams, and paying it forward… all worked in subtle ways into the rhyming story and artwork. Most of all, the story will make you feel good, and children will see the Joy with their own eyes.

SAMPLE PAGES - CLICK HERE to read some sample pages from the book!

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